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Understanding the Basics of HTML Language

Technical writers may want to learn programming languages that make up the cornerstone technologies of the World Wide Web. For instance, as a markup language, HTML (hypertext markup language) is particularly versatile because its language is adaptive yet consistent. HTML... Continue Reading →


Preparing for your interview in Technical Communications

There is a plethora of information printed about interview preparation. Preparing for interviews is pivotal to any job search, although its’ significance is often overlooked by candidates. A good place to start is to assess your most pertinent skills and... Continue Reading →

Writing Collaboratively for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is consistently one of the most visited websites on the internet. Yet there is still much mystery to its success, which technical communicators would find useful in discovering. In particular, technical writers can learn from the collaborations that take... Continue Reading →

Networking through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a common place for employers to seek applicants in today’s job market. Having an account that is thorough and updated regularly can open up opportunities for you and give you a competitive advantage in our competitive economy. The... Continue Reading →

Developing your Resume and Cover Letter

Creating an effective resume is a critical part of starting your career. While most people are familiar with the basics, some simple changes and additions can make your resume stand out. I recently attended a lecture on developing resumes and... Continue Reading →

Creative Nonfiction Writing for Technical Communicators

Creative nonfiction writing is a genre that combines the fact finding characteristics of journalistic reporting with the creative aspirations of fiction writing. Although it exists generally outside the realm of technical communication, there is still similarities between the two writing styles... Continue Reading →

Why Technical Communicators should attend and participate in Conferences

If you’re attending college in some capacity to further your career in technical communications, you may be aware of opportunities to attend or even present your research at one or more conferences pertaining to technical communication. These events are often... Continue Reading →

Technical Review: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (Part II)

The "SEO Foundations" video on also lists other important steps in SEO, such as creating links that help improve web traffic to your site. Search engines utilize both internal and external links, as well as the overall structure, topics and... Continue Reading →

Technical Review: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (Part I)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a hot topic for businesses and individuals who are hoping to improve traffic for their website or blog and its related content. I recently watched an educational video, “SEO Foudations” for on the... Continue Reading →

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